AN, NAS And MS Bolts: Aircraft Hardware And Details

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AN, NAS and MS Bolts are just some of the most popular military and aircraft hardware equipment that are used for most engineering projects that need joining together. These bolts and screws have passed government grade or standard screenings and are mostly used in building aircrafts. AN stands for Air Force-Navy or simply Army Navy. NAS stands for National Aerospace Standards and MS stands for Military Standard. These terms are the universally accepted identification for aircraft hardware. Normal standard bolts rust easily and are not that durable, they wear after only a few years and when this happens, you will end up paying more for repair than if you just invested on good MS bolts and what not.

If you plan to build your own aircraft or plane then you should definitely spend money to make sure you buy only quality parts and that includes MS bolts. It is important to make sure that the bolts, screws and what not have been measured correctly. Correct NAS fittings is important so that your plane will not encounter any problems in the future. Safety should always be on top of the list and this is why it is better to use military standard or grade or more commonly known as MS bolts. Safety has no price, so make sure to think about that when you are building your plane. You should only use hardware that is meant to be used for an airplane, if it has the government's seal of approval and is used by most big companies then you know that it is a good investment. Military standard are called such for a reason. They are sturdy and are proven to be of the best quality. They are made from alloy steel that is stainless and is corrosion resistant.

MS bolts are used to join together aircraft pieces that need the most strength. They are the best quality out in the market and are preferred by 9 out of 10 plane builders. With top quality MS bolts, screws and fittings, you ensure that your plane will be durable and not tear easily. MS bolts and NAS fittings are usually labeled by their quality as well as its manufacturing date and its type. You can see the details of the bolts usually on top of the screw or bolt. The parts of the bolt are the head, the shank, the grip and the threads. The head prevents the bolt from going through the hole. The grip is a part of the shank of the body which is smooth and appears above the threads. The shank is the body of the bolt; the threads are the part which prevents the bolt from sliding of the hole.

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AN, NAS And MS Bolts: Aircraft Hardware And Details

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This article was published on 2011/09/14