Concrete Formwork Factors Which Strengthen a Construction

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Constructing a structure demands a lot of engineering, right architecture, and selection of right material for holding the building.

Formwork is one of the key elements of construction. There are system formworks, which are different from the traditional timber ones because they are stronger and easier to install. These are standard pre-fabricated modular components which have a large casting panel. Usually CAD designing is used for combining these structures altogether and assemble them on the site.
Concrete formwork is preferred because they have good casting quality and their erection is speedier. It is true that the initial investment in formwork is higher than what you will find in the traditional one, but you can’t overlook the difference.
In case a high rise building is being constructed, the same concrete formwork can be used and it will prove to be more economical. This is one benefit because of which most of the construction companies are opting for formwork.

Scaffolding is another important aspect of construction.
In simple terms, a scaffold is a temporary structure that is used for supporting people and material during the construction of a building or a large structure. The structure is mostly made of metal pipes and tubes. Whereas, some companies also use bamboo in making structures.

What Do Scaffolds Do?
Scaffolds are created to provide a safe work place and access to work that is being done. There are certain important elements of scaffolds – standards, ledgers, and transoms.

Standards are also called uprights. These are vertical tubes on which the entire structure is standing. These standards rest on the square base plate on the ground to spread the load equally.

Ledgers are horizontal tubes that connect the standards. The main objective of creating ledgers is to hold the standards and also provide support to boards.
Transoms rest on the ledgers at right angles. There are some main transoms that are placed next to standards. These also hold standards in place and support the boards.

While you are constructing a structure, do take care of scaffold fittings and concrete formwork that is being used for the purpose. These two are vital elements that decide the strength, flexibility, and rigidity of a building. It is important to consider other types of system formwork that might be better for the building.

There are various types of formworks available in market. These include – traditional timber formwork, engineered formwork system, re-usable plastic formwork, and permanent insulated formwork. Amongst all, permanent insulated formwork are superior in terms of strength, thermal & acoustic insulation, as well as the time required for constructing & installing them.

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Concrete Formwork Factors Which Strengthen a Construction

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This article was published on 2011/05/27