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"Appliance market" in April 2006 No. heavyweight paper "standard war broke out in China," shocked the Chinese home appliance industry, the standard was the most war is waged EVD industry. At that time light in 2007, the standard fire spread through the Divine is an indisputable fact, and it was the image, said: "China's home appliance industry in 2007 began to mass into the 'standard strategy' melee stages?? One of the hallmarks of domestic appliance standard Haier developed by the previous 'thriving' into the 'Warring States' situation. "

The rise of the Warring States is derived from the end of May 2006 the Standardization Administration to determine the nationwide implementation of the "electrical standard tendering", search for the "National Standards drafting unit appliances." National Appliance Standard Committee Secretariat, Lee said: "We should definitely positive Shen Ping industry standard enterprise standard positive. The standard is unclear, companies will face more competition in order competition and vicious threat to the normal operation of the business losses ; lack of standards, often Chinese enterprises in international trade negotiations at a disadvantage and there is no uniform standards and industry norms, constraints of the industry's overall development capabilities. "

Lead the drafting of standard business

2006 5 the end of GB committee was officially launched in the appliance industry unit of the national standard drafting a public collection pilot. Involving "domestic food waste disposers", "kettle performance requirements and test methods", "Refrigerator Hermetic motor - compressor," "hot and cold water dispenser", "Humidifier performance technical requirements", "Mobile Air-Conditioner General technical requirements "," household and similar air-conditioning installation specification "and" bathroom electric heating apparatus (Yuba) General technical requirements "such as the eight and revision of national standards. December 28, 2006, Standardization Administration of the initial public assembly lead drafter of the national standard household appliances finally settled the issue. The Expert Group on review for public reply by scoring rate and discuss, identify the following eight units in the project as the national standard drafting team led by:

1, household food waste disposers: Hengdian Group Electric Co., Ltd. Zhejiang United Kingdom Rockwell;

2, kettle performance requirements and test methods: Guangdong Bao Electric, Inc.;

3, Fridge Hermetic motor - compressor: jiaxipera Compressor Co., Ltd.;

4, Water Dispenser: Midea Group Co., Ltd.;

5, humidifier performance technical requirements: Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Asia are;

6, mobile air conditioner general technical requirements: Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.;

7, Household and similar air-conditioning installation specifications: Qingdao Haier Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.;

8, bathroom electric heating apparatus (Yuba) General Requirements: Electric Co., Ltd. Hangzhou opp.

Company drafting standards reflect the strength of enterprises

For enterprises, the lack of home appliances to technical content standards, the quality of different products in the same level of competition is not only unfair but also hampered the pace of home appliance technology to enhance and affect the overall development of household appliances.

For consumers, the concept of too much dazzling technology and parameters to be easily led by the nose sales staff, direct impact on the rational consumer spending, for example, flat-panel TV, the lack of national standards, some manufacturers for the the need to adapt to price wars, shoddy, shoddy; also some companies deliberately confuse the TV screen and PC screen, the initial level of high-grade display screen by means pretending to deceive consumers.

In addition, lack of new standards, standard-headed old status quo, some multinational companies seized the opportunity and low-technology and obsolete products into China, and sales in the market unhindered; the same time, developed countries set high standards for barrier make our products access to foreign markets.

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Domestic Appliance Standards Into The "warring States" Situation - Appliance Standards,

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