Solar Energy Companies Eligible To Bid Cancellation Of Home Appliances To The Countryside Unrelated

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Recently, some solar energy companies due to give up in March 2009 by the

Bringing home appliances

The "flow standard" and is being questioned on the cancellation of all

Home Appliances

Successful enterprises in the countryside do not trust qualified voice after another. Beijing Four Seasons Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. President Mu Li Chun Song said, "retraction" is actually solar energy enterprises "two standard one" results.

"Retraction" was not accidental

12 11, Finance Ministry and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "home appliances to the countryside on the abolition of the 24 winning projects eligible for the notice," said home appliances to the countryside policy since its introduction, there are five winning projects were not paid at the performance bond, 19 successful projects to adjust for such factors as business strategy give up a successful qualification.

Accordance with the relevant provisions of the 24 appliances to the countryside bid disqualification of the winning project, including the six solar energy companies due to give up in March 2009 by the "standard flow" was publicized.

Accordance with the relevant policy requirements, the implementation of the work in the home appliances to the countryside is the standard of production and circulation of two standard bidding program, "production standard" that is, organization of production to meet the requirements of the products involved in the tender, "flow standard" that is


Qualified retail businesses and self-


Sales channels, production companies can participate in the tender.

In fact,

Solar water heaters

Unlike other home appliances sales channels, their products are too large, not in the successful distribution companies (such as home appliances shopping malls) in place of normal goods. March 10 this year, more than winning for the first time solar energy distribution companies business (that is standard in circulation), the China Association of Rural solar thermal Professional Committee Work Conference held in solar energy to rural areas, raise these questions, and reach industry consensus that can by the successful production companies, through their own sales channels selling products, solar industry standard production and circulation of standard "two standard unity." This opinion by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance after reporting their cases in the country to enforce the work of home appliances to the countryside.

Rural China


Trade association of solar thermal Professional Committee Huozhi Chen Secretary-General said that all of the "notice" can not be too one-sided interpretation, this part of the solar companies to abandon the "standard flow" is not the business of the appliances to the countryside irresponsible reckless move, but not because of quality standard has been eliminated, solar energy companies "retraction" was not accidental.

He explained: "This is an industry consensus, is allowed by policy, unity in the case of two standard, enterprise implementation of the production standard that is standard in the implementation of the flow of solar energy companies to give up this argument and the standard flow inaccurate, are likely to cause misunderstanding. "

Successful business start-out mechanism

Mu Li Chun, Four Seasons song

president admitted in an interview, the state of solar

Water heater

Adopted a focus on "two standard one" process, but still on the appliances to the countryside where there are certain management rights. Mu-song winning seasons in order to avoid cross-circulation regional business, although give up the Gansu Province won the bid qualification, but sales of its products in Gansu is still normal, orderly manner.

He said the Ministry of Commerce appliance information management system is successful in accordance with the provisions of the follow-up announcement, the company won the bid that the actual work of the national household appliances to the countryside will not have any impact. Solar water heater appliances to the countryside in the national project, the Four Seasons Mu song is the most successful products, the most widely successful regional solar energy companies.

Recently, the state clearly in 2010 will further expand domestic demand, continue to implement the policy of home appliances to the countryside, but the industry expects the state will start out, saying that enterprises are facing challenges.

It is understood that Liangbu Wei had earlier been issued a "home appliances to the countryside successful business assessment and management approach" require from January 1 next year, start out from the full mechanism, including manufacturers of all products from the winning bid from the date of within 3 months of no production, or 6 months, no sales, and successful product has serious quality problems and so will be directly eligible for cancellation of bid. The cancellation of eligibility and quality bid has nothing to do but give up and stay successful enterprises will face more challenges.
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Solar Energy Companies Eligible To Bid Cancellation Of Home Appliances To The Countryside Unrelated

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